What Next? – MLM Energy Drink Fad *EFUSJON* Closed Its Doors on September 1st.

Well ladies and gentlemen, another one bites the dust.  Now before you start to thinking that I’m some happy guy because another network marketing company (that I personally thought was full of health and wellness hype before their demise) has failed and given tons of network marketers a reason to say, “I told ya so,” I AM NOT!  The network marketing industry suffers when a company goes under.  Not because of the lack of solid and experienced management, products, compensation plans, marketing tools or any of that stuff, but simply because of the thousands of reps who are left (in a sense) mlm homeless with no umbrella to cover the massive downline reps that they have sponsored and transformed into leaders and even more painfully, CHECK EARNERS.

Efusjon has (or had? I can’t tell is they totally imploded or just cut off the mlm arm of the business yet.) a power product… strong compensation plan… what “looked like” good management and momentum… SO why did Efusjon fail?  The answer is as simple as the company’s business model:

  1. The leadership conceived, created and ran the company on the principles of “Greed.”
  2. The leadership never had a long term plan for existence to begin with.

The corporate leadership seemed to have pinned the entire company’s success or failure on an application that would totally dominate Facebook in a way that Facebook would not allow.  Now I won’t get into the “legalese” of the whole set of events because I’m no lawyer and I guess the side that won was right (*shrugs*), but the management team tried to work a pseudo-pyramid scheme unbeknownst to majority of Efusjon Reps, got caught and you know the rest…

So what does this mean for the thousands of Efusjon Reps?

The hardest hit of all are the Efusjon reps who not only lost commissions, money and time invested and potentially the hope and belief in the network marketing industry, but also the downlines of reps who all saw something in the person they decided to sign up with (friendships, families, relationships, etc.).  Who really knows what will become of all of them.  I do know that a few things will follow because it always does.  The vultures will come out and puke their opportunities all over the former Efusjon Reps (not cool). Some of the former reps will return to their old, safe lives, totally giving up on their dreams, goals and the network marketing industry forever (not cool, but understood) and some LEADERS will gather the willing from their teams and seek out a new opportunity with the lessons learned in the forefront of their minds. 

The Moral of the Story Is… 

In ANY network marketing business, reps must be mindful of building, maintaining and protecting their OWN PRIVATE LIST, so in the event of a company’s failure (such as Efusjon) or decision to stop the network marketing model all together, the reps can protect their business and downlines from such an outcome.  Additionally, it is equally important to do your “due diligence” research on the network marketing companies that you are considering to ensure that the financials, management and overall outlook for longevity are in solid states of operation.  In the case of Efusjon Reps, the LEADERS who are looking for a business and home for themselves and their teams, I would suggest that they select a company that is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that is positioned “outside” of the common companies in the network marketing industry.  Jumping from juice to juice, to energy drink, to intelligent tap water, to new wonder fruit, to next greatest jellybean extract, etc. is not profitable and keeps everyone in an already over-saturated niche in the industry.  It’s Time For Something New!

It’s unfortunate that Efusjon went under, but in the long run, I view it as being the portion of our bonsai tree (the network marketing industry) that was pruned to make the whole tree better… The real VICTIMS or VICTORS of this collapse are the Efusjon Reps who were caught in the wake of greed…

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2 responses to “What Next? – MLM Energy Drink Fad *EFUSJON* Closed Its Doors on September 1st.

  1. You lose credibility by advocating MLM in anyway. Google
    “Proof That 99% Lose Money in MLMs”
    or “Truth About MLM: Almost Everyone Will Lose Money”

    • Nahn (cool name btw), I would have to disagree with you on loosing credibility by advocating network marketing / mlm / direct sales for several reasons. There is no difference in a network marketing opportunity than their is in being an insurance agent, loan officer, financial advisor, real estate agent, etc. outside of the fact that with mlm, the residual income aspect has a more significant impact. Additionally, starting a business is a “work ethic” event and not a “sit back and expect” operation. Network marketing is no different. In all of the above, the deciding factors for success and/or failure are “self-determination, taking proper action and receiving the proper initial and ongoing mentorship/training.” The business model is not flawed my friend, but the drive and determination of some of the people who enter the business model might be.

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