How To Master The Six Steps of Effective Sponsoring (A Rant Of Sorts)

Now I have to admit that for as long as I’ve been in the network marketing industry, I’ve only recently learned and locked this concept down.  Maybe it was due to having some really crappy upline leadership and support for all of my down years.  Maybe I was just to naive to realize that my uplines really didn’t know anything outside of the company prospecting mantras of “Show The Plan, 3-Way Call Then Events.”  Maybe I was just by default a weak network marketer… Whatever the case may be, I didn’t learn how to become effective at this craft until I EDUCATED myself on the “HOW and WHY” of marketing.  After all, network marketing is more MARKETING than it is given credit for at the various opportunity meetings out there.  This information needs to be shared so you don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes for a ton of broke years in this industry.

“…and as I ramble on…”

The concept I’m ranting about is Sponsoring.  In order to be effective at sponsoring new prospects into your business, you must become a master at the sponsoring process because without it, your network marketing is no better than the blind leading the blind, warm market method that the network marketing industry has been using since 1946.

Enjoy this post, but TAKE NOTES & incorporate the VALUE of this nugget into your business.  I’ll catch ya in the next video.

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