20k. 60 Days. One Strategy. (watch now)

Hey No-Hype Nation…

Yes, I’m talking about my friend Jonathan Budd.

Yes he had a 20k month within 60 days in his network marketing company using this strategy.

And YES, it has been duplicated across multiple companies and tested widely at this point.

Ok ok, I have one damaging admission to make. It wasn’t ‘exactly’ 20k.

It was about 18.6k. He goes over the entire case study of how he did it in this video, I suggest you just go watch it now…

== > http://www.OnlineMLMSecrets.com/mytraffic/?a=1399260

Jonathan gives A LOT of real life examples in this presentation.

Shows his own websites across multiple companies and how he’s recruited so many people in his primary opportunities.

It’s a true gold mine of knowledge.

Grab a pen & paper to write down the most powerful ideas he gives you.

Oh, one bad thing though…

…He’s taking this presentation down tomorrow night. The guy’s kind of paranoid truth be told.

He NEVER leaves any of his best trainings up for more then a few days. It’s actually kind of weird.

Anyways, go watch this now so you copy down his strategies before he removes this training…

== > http://www.OnlineMLMSecrets.com/mytraffic/?a=1399260

I’ll probably send you one more email tomorrow before he takes it down completely.

Enjoy! And definitely put this to use in your business ASAP.

See you in a bit.


(910) 366-5232
Twitter @TheRealDamiso
Facebook: TheRealDamiso

P.S. I was actually VERY impressed Jonathan got his butt kicked by his OWN team mates! He shows the whole case study about 1/2 way through the video…

… it’s DEFINITELY worth seeing…

== > http://www.OnlineMLMSecrets.com/mytraffic/?a=1399260


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