I am DONE With Network Marketing Forever!!! "I QUIT!!!"

**My upline keeps on telling me to do things that I know and He/She knows will never work in this day and age. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired when I joined my 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 20th network marketing opportunity and now I’m even more sick and tired of spending more money than I can ever hope to make on this business doing it the “old school” way and buying dead-end leads so i can call strangers to get rejected by phone.  I can’t take it anymore!!! All of the pique interest ploys to complete strangers on the streets, getting rejected by even my family and friends and being banned from my local Wal-Mart to the point that I can’t even park in the damn parking lot.  I’m sick and tired of the useless hotel meetings, Super Saturday meetings and expensive conferences (the out-of-town meetings) that are full of HYPE, emotion and ridiculous ego-stroking of those “old school” guys in the company who’ve been in since the 80’s. (The same old guys are always getting the awards)  I don’t want to have anymore strangers in my house to watch me “Show The Plan” and eat up all my chips and Sprite!!!  Why do I have to keep on passing out this business briefing DVD with my upline’s upline on it? He’s the top earner and millionaire corporate trainer… Wait… Does he work for the company or is he a network marketer?  Either way, He has more people on his team than I do, so why do I have to promote him?  Why can’t I promote ME?  I’m just sick of it all… “I QUIT!!!”**

Most network marketers who have lasted longer than the 45-minute opportunity meetings have stories that are similar to the one above and so did I.  To be honest, I did almost quit on myself until I found a real mentor who put the blindfold over my eyes and showed me that I could reach any goal I set my ambition to hit as long as I gave it everything that I had… my very best!!!  He gave me a few F*R*E*E Videos too and showed me how to generate MASSIVE results in days.

Anyways, enjoy the clip above, but also receive the message as well.  Share this blog post (link) with everybody that you know who needs this motivational boost and even those who don’t.  This video is TOO POWERFUL to keep to yourself.  Above all ladies and gents, NEVER QUIT!!!  I’ll be your mentor should you need me.  I’m always here to help.

P.S.- Sign up for my F*R*E*E Get Free Access To All Of The “No-Hype” News for all of the latest news, tips and insider’s secrets that 97% of the network marketing public will never see.  I’m giving up all of the secrets too.

Yours In Massive Success,

Damiso Arrington
“The No-Hype MLM Rockstar”




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