The Myth of the $20 Check

Okay Internet World, Today I received a $20 check in the mail from Mike Dillard for something that I did back in June.  Actually, I really didn’t do anything.  Some lady just decided to stumble onto THIS WEBSITE OF MINE and get a F*R*E*E Video series that could transform her network marketing business into a profit-monster on steroids.  While she was there, she took action and grabbed what I consider to be the most important eBook on the planet as it relates to internet & attraction marketing.  Long-story short, I received a $20 check for her being a woman of action.  Here it is below:

 Now here’s where it gets interesting! Most short-sighted people would only see the $20 check, but I saw VALUE.  So I called this lady to see if she got all of the F*R*E*E Videos and to make sure that she did in fact  receive her eBook too.  Well this conversation leads to another conversation about what it was exactly that I do (aka my PRIMARY Business) and she saw her own success in the opportunity that I shared with her enough to partner up with me.  Not only did she partner up with me, but she followed my coaching to the letter and started receiving her own checks in the mail within 48 hours of our first conversation.

Now you might be asking yourself, “If you had this much success with one prospect, then why only post a picture of the $20 check?”  The answer is actually in the picture itself.  This little $20 check started everything off and made my business “MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTIVE” to my prospect.  Keep in mind that this is typically how the majority of my initial encounters begin with every new person I coach and it rarely happens once a day…

So did I really just make a $20 check, or did I create a few new streams of income?  You be the judge.  I’ve gotta head to the bank in the morning and make a few deposits.  I’d love to show you how too!



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