Live the Dream is LIVE Tonight, Vid 5 is LIVE, and Emergency Conf Call Tonight!

The time has come.

Over the last 7 days it’s taken the industry by storm.  It’s unreal, and it’s here:


3 Big Action Steps RIGHT NOW!

1)  Video #5, the final video in this training series, has been unlocked.  Watch powerful Video #5 immediately.  (it’s less than 20 min)

2)  Review ALL the details of the insane “QUICK-START” and “VIP ALL-ACCESS EXPERIENCE” bonuses.  You can NOT afford to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:


3)  If you still are not 100% SOLD on the fact that this event will change your business and your life, you’ve got to get on what will be a sold-out teleconference tonight at 9:00 PM EST to see if this event is right for you.

Get here early if you want any shot at securingone of the 1500 seats that are available:

Tonight, Wed. Aug 4th at 9:00 PM EST

==> DIAL: 1-646-519-5860
==> PIN Code: 8206#

Tickets for the life-changing event go on sale TONIGHT at 10:00 PM EST.  Again, review this page and understand that the first 35 VIP holders will receive some INSANE “QUICK START” bonuses for making a FAST decision!  (not to mention the UNREAL value and bonuses we’ve included in the VIP EXPERIENCE!)

 You may be racing Ferraris, Lambos, AND Aston Martins with some of the highest paid income earners in our industry.  🙂

The decision you make tonight will greatly effect where you will be 6 months from today.  Choose wisely:



(910) 366-5232
Twitter @TheRealDamiso
Facebook: TheRealDamiso


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