What Makes Up Your Definition Of Success?

I caught myself having a small talk conversation with a guy the other day and the topic of my primary business opportunity came up. (It always comes up!) As we’re talking and without any prior warning, he asked me a very introspective question:   

Now my immediate response would have been to ramble on about what I thought success was, but I’m an active listener. So I just replied back, “Success?”

Little did I know that the reply that I gave would open up a very vivid description of the image of success that this man has obviously envisioned and manicured for himself and his family. I won’t get into his details, but I would be a bum if I didn’t say that I was impressed and moved to consider for myself my own image of my success.

To some people, being able to create a residual income stream of $100k per month is success. For others, an additional $500 bucks every month is their definition of making it. Some people just want to have more time freedom to watch their children grow and to never miss an opportunity to share in their accomplishments. Being able to retire comfortably might be on the top of someone’s list. Whatever the case may be, the image and definition of what success really means is as diverse as the people who define it for themselves everyday.

Fortunately, being in this POWERFUL network marketing industry provides everyone the opportunity to reach that vision of success for yourself and to share it with others. 

Take advantage of your primary opportunity today and define your success! (I’ll even let you use my primary opportunity HERE if you don’t have one right now! Give me a call.) *winx*


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