Welcome to the "No-Hype Nation"

Hey internet world!!!  I’ve finally realized that in network marketing, life only gets better ONLINE!!!

Now it took me a little bit to fully understand this, but now that I know what I know that I know, here’s why I’m here:

  • To provide VALUE to you and in this industry.
  • To give you so much of what I’ve learned offline for the cost of your favorite 4-letter word *F*R*E*E*
  • To express myself and share my life’s story as it progresses.
  • To NEVER SELL you anything!!! (I’m a crappy salesman believe it or not.)
And the most important reason why I’ve opened this blog is:

*TO TEACH, COACH AND MENTOR everyday people from EVERY walk of life in the successful way to build a POWERFUL MLM / Network Marketing / Attraction Marketing business that will liberate the DEDICATED from the tired J*O*B* situation.*
Welcome to the “No-Hype” Zone. Thank you for letting me share with you.


Damiso Arrington

“The No-Hype MLM Rockstar” 

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